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by Michael Bradley

With the constant work put towards Pixel Motion Films in the last year, I have neglected my own personal blog quite a bit. Going forward into 2015 I really hope to be able to find the time and energy to keep things on here updated and fresh. The goal here is to really give anyone reading this a personal insight into all of the projects that I work on as well as a running journal that I can reflect on in the future. 

Current update #1:

Working for Coast Capital Savings.

We've been tackling a lot of projects for Coast in the last while. Everything from fun little viral videos to full on reality TV style pieces. We always have fun working with Coast and their marketing team. We're currently working on an internal project for them that we're hoping will have public distribution so we can share it with everyone. It's a really awesome project that's pushed us in trying out different shooting styles that we haven't done much of before. 

Current update #2:

New gear!!

Not really the most newest of news, but we have switched over from canon to sony in the last 6 months. I've been a 5D MKII user since the beginning and have loved almost everything about it. But of course, new technology brings awesome new features that just can't be ignored. Sony has come a long way in the market place with bringing cameras that really do have the most value in the market place in terms of pricing and specs. For our first jump into sony space, we chose to use the sony a7s. A work horse of a mirror-less camera, it features a full frame lower megapixel sensor (great for high ISO), high frame rates, a beautiful codec and optional 4k external recording. This camera for the price range (approx. $2500 for the body) is a steal for what it can do! I love that we haven't even begun to push the camera to it's limits and yet I'm always amazed at what it can do. Canon in my opinion, has really failed it's fan base in the DSLR video market. They've neglected to put a product out there that competes with sony, panasonic or even black magic. Yes, we're talking about different types of cameras here that aren't all DSLRs, but most of them are all within the same price range and same level of specs. Canon needs to focus on an affordable 4k option for it's users that isn't compressed to shit and that gives video shooters more options than what they currently offer. I for one, have no interest in shooting with Canon DSLRs any longer. It seems odd that the a7s can compete with canon's C series cameras to a certain extent yet it's only a fraction of the cost! Next stop,  Atomos Shogun!!

2014 you've been great!

by Michael Bradley

Well, another year has past and gone. I've neglected my blog for the better part of 2014 as my adventures have taken me away from updating my own personal site. This past year has seen a lot of traveling, work and self discovery. My business partner, Peter Aziz, and I started Pixel Motion Films which services the corporate and commercial sector for film production. We've had tremendous success in 2014 and we have tons of plans this year to really maximize our work and love for what we do. 2014 was also a great year for traveling for me. I was able to travel to places such a Ireland, Ottawa, Montreal, Vegas, French Guiana and Martinique just to name a few! It's been such a blessing to be able to do what I love every day with work and travel on top of that! I'm really excited for 2015 and whatever this year may bring.

Below are a few photos from my adventures of 2014. Here's to another great year!

Best Mindset Groups Promotional Video

by Michael Bradley

I recently helped produce a promotional video for Best Mindset Groups with 9th Dimension Productions. If you are a struggling business owner and need support or help, Make Your Mark Training and Consulting is a great place to start. They know there stuff and really do aid your business in growing and developing exponentially!

Winter finally came

by Michael Bradley in

We finally got a decent amount of snow this year, so I decided to take a trip into my front yard (AKA The bog). I love the juxtaposition and contrast between the snow and sun. The trees helped create an enchanting effect with light streaks that seemed to spotlight my path throughout the forest. Despite my distaste for snow, it really  does creates amazing photo oportunities. Check out the gallery below to see what I'm talking about!

No expectations.

by Michael Bradley in

My local surroundings have been fueling my creative drive lately . The fresh and exhilarating moments found in the serene landscapes of the lower mainland give me a feeling of euphoria when it's just me and my camera. My favorite moments are when I have nothing else to do on a weekday afternoon and I get a chance out of my busy schedule to take a drive with no expectations. In having no particular expectations,  I find that I take my favorite photographs. I have nothing to live up to or abide by. All I have to do is open to my eyes to the landscape and take it in.


Taken on the Canon 5D MK II with the EF 70-200 2.8  (ISO 100, 200mm, F 2.8, 1/6400 sec)

New road, new possibilities.

by Michael Bradley

If you live in Delta you might have noticed a new little road that connects hwy 1 to Tsawwassen. And if you really know what I mean, then you'll realize that this new little road is actually HUGE and is a tremendous improvement to the infrastructure in the local community. One thing that this road (hwy 17) means to me though, is the new opportunities for locations to photograph. It allows easy access into the large unscathed end of Burns Bog, as well as a plethora of industrial activity which is also very interesting to document. After visiting a part of hwy 17 earlier this morning to catch the sunrise, I realized that this may be one of my favorite routes to photograph for the next little while. I challenge you to try out the new route and see if anything inspires you. Just be careful of all those big trucks passing you by on the highway though ;)

The photo below is a perfect example of untouched natural beauty that is Burns Bog.

Taken on the Canon 5D MK II with the EF 70-200 2.8  (ISO 100, 200mm, F 2.8, 1/1000 sec)